Bain Estate Future Fund

In May 2013 the Shire of Dumbleyung was the sole beneficiary to the Estate of Ian Bain. The will contained a wish that the money be used to assist sporting groups, emergency organisations and hospital services within the shire; however the wish does not impose an obligation to restrict spending to these three areas.

The intention of Council is for the Bain Estate Distribution to be used for the benefit of the shire over a thirty year period of time. The aim is to distribute the money to the community in similarly equal distributions over the thirty year period, taking into account the time value of money.

The amount available to be distributed each year will be determined through the annual budget process, taking into account past decisions and the current financial climate. 


2016/2017 Bain Estate Future Fund Guidelines and Application Form 





2015/2016 Bain Estate Future Funding - Projects


Council funded the following applicants from the Bain Estate Future Fund 2015/2016 totalling $85,302:


Community Group                                                      Project                                               Funded Amount

St John Ambulance Sub Centre Dumbleyung/Kukerin        New Ambulance Shed                            $44,000

Kukerin Agricultural Society                                            Improvement to Bar at Pavilion              $5,423

Dumbleyung Gym Club                                                   Gym Equipment                                    $11,140

Winter Windup Committee                                              PA System & Guest Speaker                   $2,850

Dumbleyung Bowling Club                                              Umpiring Kit & Storage Shed                  $1,000

Dumbleyung Events Committee                                      Hire of Marquee - Taste of Dumbleyung  $5,000

Dumbleyung RSL                                                           War Memorial Upgrade                          $15,880