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Nominations are being sought from people interested in becoming members of the Dumbleyung Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC)


Membership of the Committee is open to any person with an active interest in conservation and sustainable agriculture within the Shire of Dumbleyung. The term of membership is 3 years, and up to 7 vacancies are available.

Some existing Committee Members’ term expires on 31 July 2016 and nominations from the Public to fill these required positions will be open until 1 July 2016.

Positions that are required include:

Two vacancies to be filled by current WAFF Members

One vacancy to be filled by a current PGA Member

Four vacancies to be filled by Landuser

Please register your nomination to the LCDC Secretary at the Dumbleyung Landcare Office before 1 July 2016.

Further information please contact C. Hadlow on 0429612447. Thank You.


Landcare Funding Opportunity now available


Poison Plants found in the Shire growing over Summer /Autumn 2016


This is a general notice to alert Farmers to the dangers of this poison plant in that it has caused stock deaths in the last few weeks in the Shire.

It is most poisonous following any rainfall event which initiates new growth or flowering. Please keep a look out for any unusual plants growing in paddocks that are stocked.

If in doubt please get them identified if you are at all suspicious of the plant. The Landcare Office can assist with sourcing information and can be contacted on  98634225







The objective of the Dumbleyung Landcare Zone is to inspire the sustainable management and development of the Dumbleyung Landcare Zone Catchment’s resources for the benefit of current and future generations through co-ordination and education. This is to be done by:

  • Encouraging landusers to adopt good sustainable management practices through dissemination of research information and education of current and effective management practices suitable for the Zone
  • Seeking funding for the implementation of landcare and sustainable activities for the Zone (including research where needed) and assisting the landuser within the Catchment to achieve this goal
  • Encourage and assist landusers to arrest salinity and land degradation by providing them with best management practice guidelines, current research data and offering on site inspection
  • Overseeing the Landcare Plan for the Zone and ensure the promotion and extension is beneficial to the Landholders  
  • Initiate and promote profitable increases relating to farm management practices, landcare and environmental activities via field days, demonstrations projects, workshops and extension activities for the landuser and wider community
  • Working in cooperation with Local, State and Federal Government and Private Agencies for the betterment of sustainable land use
  • Arranging for the collection, collation, evaluation and dissemination of research and monitoring data specific to the Zone
  • Encouraging people living in the Dumbleyung  Zone to be involved in farm and catchment planning, water and soil monitoring to achieve improved financial and sustainable outcomes in the short and long term on and off farm
  • Encouraging the people to conserve, protect and re-establish native flora and fauna through providing education tools and encouraging the use of the local two Herbariums  for the benefit of the Community to recognise the flora and fauna and understand its importance to preserve throughout  the Zone
  • Providing the means to allow the Landholders to carry out effective weed and feral pest control
  • Promoting the importance of ecological issues within the Zone
  • Promoting the vision, goals and activities of the Local and Regional Landcare/Environmental Bodies that all interact for the betterment of the Zone

Landcare Tour

Dumbleyung recently hosted a coach load of visitors who were part of the National CMCA Solo’s Network Rally Team travelling around Australia in their motor homes and were enroute to attend the National Rally in Albany. They were camped up for a week in Wagin prior to continuing their journey onto Albany. The group of 49 energetic and interested visitors to our town took the opportunity to walk down the main street to view the Bluebird Replica before descending over to the Grand ol’ Dumbleyung Inn to soak up its historical atmosphere before being served a very hearty 2 course meal.

Following lunch the visitors were escorted to Lake Dumbleyung, where local Farmer, Beth Bartram gave a very enlightening account of the historical facts of the district including the Bluebird event and also touched on current farming trends and life style living in the bush.

The visitors were taken by coach into the information stopping area, where some took the opportunity to climb Pussycat Hill and others mingled around the viewing area on the edge of the lake. A short presentation by the local Landcare Manager, Claudia Hadlow, relating to Lake Dumbleyung facts and figures, the importance of the environment for bird life (when the Lake has sufficient water in it) and also highlighting general landcare activities and conservation projects that local Farmers implement on their farms, was welcomed by the group.

This was an excellent opportunity for Dumbleyung to show case what the town can offer visitors and many thanks is extended to the organiser, Ron Walsh, for coordinating the day trip from Wagin to Dumbleyung which turned out a special treat for the Solo’s members.

Footnote: Sincere thanks from all those who participated in this tour, to the people of Dumbleyung. We had a great day with you.

28 Years of Landcare

Soil conservation and protecting natural resources was the “new concept” that spearheaded the original drive to look beyond tilling the soil and shearing sheep back in 1987. Over 25 years has passed since that small group of local farmers rallied round to gain support for this new initiative to be recognised as having advantageous benefits for farming.

Soil Conservation Group established the framework for these farmers. Following, came the “Decade of Landcare.” This period saw an injection of both Federal and State funding encouraging farmers to look after the land.

With government funding and trends waning over time, a new concept of investigating the soil, new technology, farm production and on farm research trials evolved.

Funds were readily available to; study it, protect it or trial it. As a result various new groups have gained support to become more production based with the traditional landcare activities becoming less important.

However; funding to assist with a variety of technology, soil research, natural resource management implementation projects and environmental workshops, can be readily sourced or hosted by Regional Groups that are commissioned to deliver on ground funds.

The  farmers in this region have maintained a level of landcare activity and after all the years of planting trees, it is a relief to see a positive change in the landscape with trees evident in the farmland, Oil Mallee alleys and salt land reclamation.

The State Natural Resource Management Office in Perth has been responsible for funding many on ground projects in the Shire. This funding has determined some excellent results in; creek line revegetation, windbreak planting, recharge and corridor plantings, particularly in the Dumbleyung Lake Catchment area.

The next generation will no doubt be the beneficiaries of these dedicated farmers who make an effort to ensure there will be a valuable living resource to-hand-on.




Contact: Dumbleyung Landcare Facilitator

                 18B Absolon Street

                  DUMBLEYUNG WA 6350

                  Ph: (08) 9863 4225

                 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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